Who is Megadon?

Megadon is the jack of all trades, master of self. The Brooklyn-based, Canadian-born anomaly handles all aspects of his own production. He produces his own music, records his own vocals, does all his own post production. If that's not impressive enough, Megadon also directs and edits his own videos under his given name, Donald Robinson Cole III.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Megadon grew up playing competitive sports. He was in fact baseball team mates with Russell Martin(Pittsburgh Pirates) and played basketball with Joel Anthony (Miami Heat). As a child, he was fascinated by science and math which led him to study pure and applied science at Dawson college, in Montreal. During his college years, Mega started making beats on his laptop and recording demos inside of empty college classrooms. This was the beginning.

After his father passed away in 2001, Megadon decided to make music his main pursuit. Although he was accepted into the civil engineering program at both McGill and Concordia university he decided to pursue sound design at Trebas institute and further his knowledge of acoustics and sound wave manipulation. Once he graduated he formed a music group with a few other montreal emcee's called "Black Sash", Mega also created a production company called SMP (Stealth Mode Productions) which housed all his artist and other producers at the time.

After a few underground street albums and a few videos, Megadon decided to move to New York. He ended up being cast in an off broadway hip hop play called "Big Apple Turns to Cider". The play ran for a little over a year. Megadon teamed up with L.Chanes, another artist from the play, and the two performed an additional 43 hip hop shows that year aside from the play.

Megadon was working sales jobs to make his rent at this point, he was also making amateur music videos for his projects with L.Chanes when he realized there was a potential demand for video services. After a few small gigs Mega teamed up with his former video director from Montreal, Olise Forel. The two ended up making dozens of amazing music videos together.

No Man Is The Best:

With all the skills acquired, a solo album was inevitable. The album is entirely produced and arranged by Megadon. He mixed and mastered the entire project and directed all the videos. The album has many notable featured guests such as Large Professor, Ruste Juxx, Tragedy Khadafy, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Nitty Scott Mc, Mr. Cheeks, General Steele and Tek from Smif n' Wessun amongst others. A definite must have for any real hip hop head.